Why are we different?

Specifically to houses of worship, most Audio/Video companies don't work in a church every day. Most A/V companies exclusively do commercial work and will do house of worship jobs on the side. That's not the case for Armbruster AV. We specialize in houses of worship. We have completed thousands of installs in churches across the DMV area and further. We understand the needs of a church and how the process works in the church. You want your message heard. We want your message to be heard. We are here to help you get your message out to your congregation. 

John & Brendan Morris

Keeping up the family tradition, John and Brendan Morris (brothers) work under the Armbruster name. When Dave Armbruster Sr. started the company in 1964, it was a family business and John and Brendan work to keep it that way. John (right) started working for Dave Armbruster Jr. in 2006 and took over the company in 2012 when Dave Jr. retired. Brendan (left) joined the company in 2011.